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NEW Sculling Boat Sales Brokerage.

Unable to sell your boat?

We now offer a no sale no fee brokerage service.


With many of our own sculling boats available for sale, we are well known in the market place for our ability to supply many makes of pre-used sculling boats. Many of the boats we buy never make our website as we often have buyers waiting.

Our brokerage service will take the hassle out of selling your boat. We can arrange collection (transportation fee involved), promote and advertise your boat on the Sculling Boat Sales website which is seen by c250 potential buyers every day and the Sculling Boat Sales Facebook page with over 3000 followers.

In addition:

  • We will store your boat for you in a secure, indoors storage unit until sold.
  • We will field all enquiries, only contacting you if essential information is required.
  • We will facilitate all trials until your boat is sold.
  • We will ensure payment goes from the purchaser directly into your bank account on sale of boat.

Our Fees:

  • A standard transportation fee of 30p/mile (round trip from OX12) payable on collection of your boat.
  • A flat fee of £295 is payable to us within 24hrs of the sale of your boat, whosoever is responsible for the introduction of the buyer.
  • A transportation fee of 50p/mile (round trip from OX12) payable should you wish us to return your boat.


Further Information:

  • You, the owner, agrees to keep the boat insured until sold. 
  • When you enter into an agreement with Sculling Boat Sales to sell your boat, you do so as the boat owner, or with the signed agreement of the owner.
  • We will not take sculling blades, stroke coaches or other accessories to sell as a package. A boat with it's cover is the only exception to this rule.
  • Imperfections or damage to the boat must be noted on our brokerage sheet prior to collection. We will not undertake repairs unless agreed in advance.
  • We reserve the right to refuse boats for brokerage.
  • We will endeavour to sell your boat at an agreed price, if a lower offer is made by a potential purchaser, we will agree the shortfall with you before accepting the offer. Your fee payable to us (£295) will not be affected.
  • We will not be responsible for any problems or issues that the purchaser may have with you, the seller, once the sale has been made. 

For our brokerage form, contact sculling@hotmail.co.uk