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On-line valuation

What's it worth?

Use this page if you have a boat (single/ pair/ double/ four/ eight) which you'd like valued on-line, for either buying, selling or insurance purposes. We will give an honest, confidential valuation of the worth of the boat. Our charge for this is £9.95.

Please copy and paste this page and email it to sculling@hotmail.co.uk, paying via paypal on the button below.

Please note that our valuation is not an offer to buy, nor a price that we would be willing to pay. It is the anticipated asking/ sale price of a boat appearing on the open market.

Price includes an advert for your boat (if required) on the Sculling Boat Sales 'Latest Rowing Community Ads' page and Facebook page.

Are you getting what your boat's worth? Pay your £9.95 here for your confidential valuation and to advertise your boat where it will be seen by thousands of potential buyers on our website & Facebook pages.



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